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Creatanium Wallet app debuts by bringing digital currencies into Singapore's high-tech Funan Mall

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Creatanium ecosystem starting off in Thailand with support counters and thousand of applications for the Distributorship Program

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Update Session (20th June)
Automation and Coin Market Cap

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Our Updates

Creatanium: Accountability and Engagement


A closed ecosystem to guarantee transparency, stability and accountability.
The preferred token for SMEs with a cross-border business.
Physical presence in more than 10 Asian countries.

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Exclusive Party

Launching the Creatanium Millionaire Club


We are not targeting a niche of idealists: we aim at the whole world.
Small and Medium Enterprises increasing revenue with a strong currency.
Interconnecting people from all over the planet through the same coin.

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The world’s first Millionaire Club for digital currencies. Read More
A community of experts ready to answer your questions. Read More
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The Creatanium Fleet

The first limo ride paid through the CMB Wallet


Wisdom comes from knowledge.
Technology can be made accessible to everyone.
Understand the real power of digital currencies.

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Trusted Token

Creatanium surpassed the US dollar for one night


The success of a brand relies on day-to-day engagement.
We work every day to broaden awareness on digital currencies.
Festivals, summits, seminars, gala dinners: all in the name of Creatanium.

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