A new generation of digital assets

After years of exponential growth and an investment fever that seemed unstoppable, millions of cryptocurrency holders around the globe suddenly woke up in the worst winter ever seen in the short history of digital assets. An estimated amount of 342 billion US dollars were burnt in just a few weeks after the beginning of 2018, wiping out lifetime savings and condemning the vast majority of the existing coins to decimal values or oblivion. But is the ideal of digital currencies really dead?

Total decentralisation left Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies in the hands of speculators, which made mass adoption by the public unsustainable due to the instability of their value.

Creatanium is stored in a safe and accountable wallet (CMB Wallet) that has been developed through Quorum’s advanced technology, similarly to JP Morgan’s newly launched coin.

Creatanium is traded in the CMBDEX SME platform, which moves away from the speculative nature of most crypto exchanges by following the rules of supply and demand to create accountability.

Creatanium is backed by a blockchain company that expanded to close to 60 employees and 10 Asian countries, while concluding its first year with an active profit.

Token purchases are not only made online, but are also available at any of our offices through dedicated staff, which will remain cotactable for any query. The presence of a physical team for the public to refer to helps building up trust and boosting confidence, while making access to Creatanium fast and easy. This service is not only offered in our Singapore headquarter, but also throughout our regional centres.

Demand for our coin to become a globally adopted cashless payment system came from both ends. SMEs were eager to find new venues to increase their Creatanium revenue, while parity with the US dollar made early adopters willing to spend their tokens. PLMP Fintech simply bridged the gap. We added new functions to the existing wallet to allow for fast transactions via QR code and created loyalty programs to incentivise usage through promotions, vouchers or special discounts.