Our aim is to make Creatanium the global currency of this era. A worldwide reach is only possible when the conversion process is fast and hassle-free. We strive to provide our adopters as many options as possible to exchange their fiat currency into CMB tokens with peace of mind.

Our CMB Wallet is available on any browser as a website and can be downloaded as an app from the AppStore or GooglePlay. Create an account and fill up the Creatanium purchase form. We will contact you shortly after.

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BONUS (monthly unlock)
BONUS (6 months)
BONUS (12 months)

The purchase of Creatanium can be made through two different schemes that were crafted up to cater for our audiences. Have your tokens immediately ready for your purchases with the FREEDOM plan or get additional free coins if you keep them in your wallet for a while through the BONUS plan.

Alternatively, reach us through our channels.