Currencies are meant to be used.

Especially strong ones like Creatanium, whose gradual appreciation has make them stand out of the crowd.

As you cross the border for a cheaper haircut or massage session to enjoy an advantageous conversion rate, using Creatanium just a few months after exchanging your dollars into this global token will give you freebies such as a round of groceries, a chilled drink in a nice bar or even a new car.

Our first batch of partnering merchants is ready to accept your Creatanium tokens with new ones joining every week.

Check where to make your next purchase!
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Do you want to re-train yourself? Or make your children tech-savvy with a fun camp? Explore our PLMP Edu programs and kill the price of your classes by paying with Creatanium.

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Are you a merchant? Why not going cashless with Creatanium? You can count on a wide customer base that is (yes, you read it right!) eager to spend!
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Do you know merchants that might be interested in Creatanium? Help us “onboard” them and be rewarded with our exclusive vouchers. All in Creatanium!
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