A new generation of digital assets

Drawing a line with the past and launching a new standard for stability, Creatanium is stored and traded within a closed ecosystem that shields it from humps and dumps.

Every single token is either maintained inside one of the thousands of CMB Wallets that have already been downloaded and activated or temporarily transferred into the CMBDEX exchange for trading.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the world’s biggest employer and the companies with the brightest potential to innovate. They are also the most vulnerable to the unpredictability of the global market with the continuous risk of running at a loss due to currency fluctuations or hefty cross-border fees.

Still alive and healthy after almost a year since its launch, Creatanium has already established itself as a solid currency with thousands of adopters. A confidence that has translated into a gradual appreciation of its value month by month until hitting parity with the US dollar on 14th March 2019.


Digital by nature, cryptocurrencies are yet to conquer the trust of the mainstream user. Decentralisation from an issuing authority such as a central bank can appeal idealists, but this is not what the man on the street is looking for. Who is behind this currency? What is it backed by? Will it vanish all of a sudden?

Creatanium is backed by a multinational team and has already established a physical presence in Southeast Asia. Each facility is transparently to the public to visit with counters and staff ready to provide assistance to visitors.